Ego: The Musical

memoirs of a procrastinatrix

27 August 1982
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Date Created:4/28/04

What's that? Look! That over there! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh shit, it's syphilis_jane. syphilis_jane is a sweet girl. But when she gets pissed off, look out! Because she becomes a one-woman pissed-off-edness machine.
Strengths: Sweet, sometimes. Cynical. Needs to have things in her mouth.
Weaknesses: She has a LJ, clearly she's completely ego-centric. Cynical. Needs to have things in her mouth.
Special Skills: Can speak Esperanto. Can deep-throat twizzlers. Can, and will, fetishize anything.
Weapons: Esperanto shyuriken! The Belt of the Procrastinatrix! The Finger-Shield of the Mooninites! Her Favorite Teddy-Bear!
Origin: syphilis_jane sprang forth from the head of the Procrastinatrix. She was nursed on coffee and cigs until she was ready to face the evil ones. Even Nabeshin could no longer help her. Why was she watching Excel Saga?!

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purple horseshoes
The Procrastinatrix sings a jaunty tune.
Divinatory Meanings: The syphilis_jane of purple horseshoes represents a background of good times and not-so-good times. This card indicates that change will occur at some point in the future.
Reversed: In the reversed position, this card represents a background of good times and not-so-good times and indicates that change will occur at some point in the future. But it does it upside-down.
Numerological Analysis: If this card appears in the initial position, use the numbers 3-14-6 to play the lottery. If it appears elsewhere, use the numbers 3-14-6 to play "The Lottery".

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